tätatät® – Marketing thinking when it counts.

We blend passion, authenticity, and profound knowledge to bring magic to your brand!  

Our mission is to cultivate a studio built on respect and positivity, thriving on the energy of ambitious individuals and brands.

Authenticity serves as our compass for success, and we are big supporters of people and brands with boundless, ideally geeky, expertise and enthusiasm.

Marketing strategy for when it matters

We're not your run-of-the-mill agency; we bring real business experience to the table, sometimes earned the hard way. With over a decade of experience as founders, CEOs, and creative directors in premium retail, we intimately understand your challenges - all 10,000 of them.

Premium services

We deliver premium services aimed at enhancing business value and building robust brands. Through insightful analysis, we provide valuable perspectives to fortify current strategies or develop new ones.

We craft authentic, business-focused concepts that visually embody the heart of your brand.

Building relationships

We are romantic, open minded and we believe in love between person & person and between person & brand. For love to emerge it needs to be honest, given time and often between four eyes.

If you'd like to discuss your brand over coffee or have any questions, feel free to reach out. We're here to help and have a wide network of experts if needed.

Reach out to Ola at ola@tatatat.se

We got a process

Our well-defined processes guide our work, starting with a comprehensive onboarding process to deeply understand our clients.

tätatät illustrated eyes animation

(Onboarding & Research)

Well hello!

We dive deep into your why, business, market, and consumers. We explore external influences, your brand platform, and overall communication materials.

(Strategy & Insight)

Maybe, baby!

It's time to question the status quo. 
We formulate a strategy from insights that sets the stage for upcoming ideas and concepts.


Ooh La La!

With a clear goal in mind, we ignite the brand with a surprising concept. We ensure that the visual identity matches the brand promise and meets future expectations.
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(Identity & Design)

Chicka Bow Wow!

Now it's time to lay the foundation of your brand's visuals. We develop a functional brand toolbox, including everything from logos to colors, ensuring consistency across all channels.
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(Strategy, Design & Experince)

Slow and steady wins the race!

With a robust strategic foundation, coupled with a functional and intelligent brand identity, we collaboratively create marketing campaigns, develop strategies, and work together to help the brand blossom.