On a mission to bring magic to brands (and to liFE)

What & Why we do it


We are on a mission to bring magic to brands (and to life).

We are ambitious, curious, and want to create something surprising. We strive to build genuine, sustainable, and interesting brands. We believe in close partnerships and together with our multidisciplinary network of romantic nerds, we embrace, clarify and digitize brands.


Brand strategy
Brand design 
Brand experience

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Romantic nerds

We operate projects with our network of romantic nerds, our network enables us to offer the necessary expertise for the absolute best, functional and surprising result. We are happy and proud of our network from whimsical developers to abstract creatives.

Collaborators spotted on the website:

Adrian Mörner Hansen SE
Albin Holmqvist SE
Anton Renborg SE
Bohman+Sjöstrand SE
Builders Club GB
Carlotta Manaigo IT
Edwin Ivemark Kihlström SE
Form Us With Love SE
Fredrik Andersson Andersson SE
Johan Wahlberg SE
Jonas Lindström SE
Nacho Alegre ES
Olof Ringmar SE
PYLOT Magazine GB

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Who we are

Who do you want too?

We believe in holistic brand-building that engages customers, employees and investors. We like to work back-to-back and talk face-to-face which goes for both our clients and to our broad creative networks. We are innovative and proactive. We believe that a good partnership makes all parts better and it’s the recipe to build genuine and long-lasting brands. 


We are open-hearted and believe in honest communication to achieve long-term relations and great results.

We love ambitious and nerdy products, people that push us to reach the next level.

We believe that being curious will find innovative solutions.

We believe that everyone wants and deserves fun.

How we work


To meet a new brand, can be very similar to meet a new partner or friend. Sometimes you just look for a fun night out (step-by-step) but most of us are looking for a close relationship (back-to-back). 

step-by-step (Take it slow.)

We are a fun date.
A summer fling can actually be the spark to something more but sometimes the spark is just what's needed. 

On a project basis we produce visual identities, websites, packaging design, campaign concepts, brand content & stories such as film and photo campaigns. With our innovative and creative network we are assured that, with your budget, will bring unique and progressive solutions for your business. 

back-to-back (Team up!)

We can be the close partnership you have been longing for. 

We like to work back-to-back and day-to-day. Before the honeymoon phase we need to get to know you and the market to be able to find the insights we need to achieve the best resultas. To do this in a successful way we need to embrace and have deep knowledge in the brand. We also need to set clear expectations on the results with clear deliveries. 

We like to start our partnership proper and not like a blind date. See below examples:

Creative direction
Depending on your need we set a monthly retainer for creative directions. This person with full support from the rest of the team can help your company with daily recommendations regarding your brand experience, communications and to secure creative deliveries from other consultants. 

Brand experience
Depending on your needs we set a monthly retainer for a suitable team. This will be operative and day-to-day work such as social media updates, newsletters, website updates and more.

Research & Insight

Well hello!

It is time to date, and we want to know your business, market, and consumers/users. We look at external influences, your brand platform & brand toolbox and overall communication material.


Maybe, baby!

From an excellent first, second, and perhaps the third date, we now have many insights. Here we questioned the current situation and the existing brand platform to formulate a strategy that lays the foundation for upcoming ideas & concepts.


Ooh La La!

With a clear goal and purpose, we are ready to make the brand spark with a clear and surprising concept for your brand. Here we control that the visual identity lives up to coming needs expectations and matches the brand promise. Here we decide whether a refinement or complete transformation of the visual identity is necessary to match the strategic concept.

Identity & Design

Chicka Bow Wow!

Now it is time to set the brand's foundation, the visuals for all brand communication, the heart of your brand relations. We want to secure or develop the brand identity with a functional brand toolbox. The toolbox includes all assets needed to make the brand feel consistent through all channels i.e logotype, symbol, typography, colours, imagery, icons, and fifth element.



After researching, analyzing, conceptualizing, and forming to secure and create a strong backbone for the brand, we are ready to produce magic—website, communications strategy, campaigns, packaging, marketing event, product development, and more.

We operate our projects with a unique network of romantic nerds, and our network enables us to offer the necessary expertise to offer the absolute best, functional and surprising result. We are proud and happy with our partnerships, from whimsical developers to abstract creatives.