Digital service

First, a product. Second a brand. Third, start showing it to the world. tätatät® ensures that your brand stays accurate and holistic in all channels. Together with passionate and professional, nevertheless romantic nerds, we embrace and build brands and offer various digital services.

ROIROI (Digital strategy & Workshops)

A digitalization agency focus on scalability, globalization and localization. Together we bring expertise to brands or companies with significant digital ambitions and often have international goals.

Questions to find answers to; what platform should we use? How should we build our team? What integrations are relevant? And much more.

Johan Wahlberg (UX & UI)

Johan Wahlberg is specialized in the creative lead for websites & e-commerce platforms. He has digitized brands such as Toteme, Fisch and Sunspel.

Young / Skilled (Development)

Young / Skilled is one of the best developer options for the Centra platform. They have digitized brands such as OAS Company, Swedish Hasbeens and Nitty Gritty.

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