TID Watches
Brand experience

Tid is Swedish for time, a precious currency to spend on things you love. TID Watches explores time through products and creativity.

Photo by Jonas Lindström
Photo by Jonas Lindström
Photo by Bohman+Sjöstrand.
Photo by Bohman+Sjöstrand. Art direction by Albin Holmqvist.
Photo by Bohman+Sjöstrand. Art direction by Albin Holmqvist.
Photo by Bohman+Sjöstrand. Art direction by Albin Holmqvist.
Photo by Bohman+Sjöstrand
Photo by Jonas Lindström
Brand strategy

TID Watches is for people who love products with a true intention. People that care about the small things adding a big value.

Working with the TID’s brand strategy from the start, we worked with the philosophy that less is more. Stay true to the core values and only add graphic elements etc if we really felt it was necessary.  

With a close partnership from the beginning between founders, innovators and creatives we formed the brand to an international market. The success factor was a holistic perspective from the start within the strategy from product to graphic design, communication and overall experience.

Study 005 by Builders Club

‘It’s an observation of a moment in time and what happens to our mind when we let go and start drifting away. Something ordinary suddenly becomes the impulse for our imagination and we find ourselves wondering where reality ends and imagination starts. Only to wake up realising that it was only relativityplaying with us.’
As an extension of a creative collaboration between TID Watches and Builders Club a limited edition was launched named ’A moment in time’  and was manly distributed to MoMa, New York.
Study 004 by Nacho Alegre

’It’s a reflection on time, not necessarily aboutthe passing of time, simply more about a veryspecific moment within it, the moment of balance.It is a transitional moment that exists just foran instant. A moment we perceive as beautifulbut not apprehensible. Both my film and imagesexplore this idea and try to uncover the elusivenessand sensuality of that moment.’

Costa Brava, Spain.
Study 003 by Carlotta Manaigo

Divided into two parts; photography and video. The stills focus on the relationship between two young adults and investigate themes of identity, duality and androgyny, narrating their coming of age. The geometric lines of the urban architecture gradually blend into a natural landscape in which they find liberation, we now feel their skin, their breath, the formality becomes physical.

Stockholm, Sweden.
Study 002 by Albin Holmqvist & Adrian Mörner Hansen

’To isolate the concept of time itself is a riddle that most likely will never be solved. But, taking a moment to observe the constant flow around us and within ourselves is probably as close as we will ever get.’
Study 001 by Jonas Lindström

’Time is the most precious thing we have. We all have a limited amount of time on earth and therefore we have such a special relationship with time.’

Öland, Sweden.
Montlhy interpretation by Anton Renborg

In the beginning of 2016 TID teamed up with talented photographer Anton Renborg to set a memorabilia for the months that passed before us. In his strong ability to capture both portraits and lifestyle imagery he has conducted a story on a monthly basis with the constant change of seasons as a time teller.

From cold urban darkness in Stockholm to late summer sun in Paris he tells a story that possesses his sensible documentary dimensions with spontaneous shots of strong individuals in time, each one with their own unique story.
Monthly interpretation by PYLOT Magazine

For the second photographic interpretation TID introduced PYLOT Magazine, the London based fashion and art publication founded by Max Barnett and Patricia Villirillo.

Showcases emerging talents together with established names and artists in their strive to present a multi-faceted content without any beauty retouching. All analogue, provocative and exploring.
Brand experience

The Brand Store epitomizes TID’s design values and brings customers and friends together through events and releases. It is designed by the TID team in collaboration with Paul Vaugoyeau and the concept is inspired by modernist simplicity and features white walls and concrete floor paired with uncompromising furniture custom made from American Douglas pine. A communal table for meetings and a display shelf made from wide planks makes up the main elements in the main room.
Fredrik Andersson Andersson
Johan Wahlberg